dreams and dream theor 

                                     dreams diary        

            awake dreams (dreams that contain an element of consciousness) / consecutive-theme dreams       


the closest the writer came to being able to make himself get out of

bed and start doing things while asleep was when he was six or seven

or eight and willed his self to continue the really satisfying dream

from the previous night

it wasn't just a "i'm glad this isn't a dream" type dream

in awake dreams there is a level of control through which the

dreamer can introduce into the dream whatever content is desired


there's no sleeping in heaven

somewhere along the path of evolution the need to sleep/dream will

no longer be needed

incorporating the subconscious into the conscious (it's possible that

it's the other way around i.e. the conscious becomes incorporated

into the subconscious) is, without doubt, a major transition of


one of the writer's interactions with e.t. suggests that e.t. is able to

manipulate/merge the the conscious and sleep periods

it is safe to say that for most people some dreams do have a

moreish quality

try revisiting a dream you enjoyed and experiencing it again

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