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a kiss before waking...

last night

( 11th may 2009 )

the writer dreamt of an acquaintance from more than 20 years ago

the woman, not someone he had or wanted a relationship with, had, in the dream, taken on facial and personality characteristics that were so appealing the writer had to respond to the desire to kiss her

the thought of kissing her did occur to the writer all those years ago but for reasons that elude him now he didn't

the events in the dream were tied in with a film he watched

( leaving las vegas )

before going to sleep

while watching the film it crossed the writer's mind that a woman's facial characteristics and her personality traits were and are formed, in a greater measure than he had previously thought, through her experiences with the opposite sex

had the writer given in to his inquisitiveness all those years ago the woman in last nights dream may well have become, albeit only by a small degree, more womanly

in last nights dream as the writer moved closer to her... at the moment our lips were about to touch... he woke up

waking up with an unfulfilled feeling when it could have been a fulfilling feeling

we can learn, and heaven knows there is much to learn over the next 5000 000 000 years, from each other and from our own experiences and in particular from our dreams

as is going to be realized dreams are an integral part of evolution