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 insignificant dreams ?

 dreams which reflect that the day didn't contain enough constructive or productive activity or thinking


18th may 2013

  was using a couple of new saucepans

 while cooking with them used a metal knife to move the food around in the pan

 so began using a wooden utensil

the dream that night was of me looking into a saucepan that had deep scores along the bottom

 why did the subconscious reaffirm a decision that had already been taken ?

 possibly as a validation of a correct decision, with the possibility that a future dream where the previous day contained thoughts and actions that were not so easy to resolve would be validated, or invalidated, via a dream

 or is it that the content or theme of a dream reflects the most significant thought/action of any given day (just goes to show how uneventful the writer's life can be) 

 or neither of these two interpretations