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                      a precognitive dream is the mind/brain drawing from the experiences of past undulations



precognitive dreams are the dreams that perplex everyone

there is no experience, there are no set of circumstances, there is

nothing that can happen, either desirable or undesirable, that has not

already happened throughout evolution in previous undulations

all the variables that reality can contain had to be factored, through

experience, into the evolutionary process so that evolution could be

completed by the ethically oriented and ethically orienting

further, because of the mechanical nature of the undulationary process,

it also means that the mathematical function of one times one will be

able to function forever without a breach in its function ever occurring

again (see the mistake)

everything you have experienced, are experiencing or will experience

has not only happened before but is destined to happen over and over

again, throughout the duration of a love-length for all undulations to


there is a variable but the worst of the extremes that are contained in

the destructive outcomes that this variable can give rise to have already

been nullified, again through the lover'sterrible love

the variable is a persons response to the truth

an individual's response to the truth will either increase the quality and

quantity of more-life outcome realities or it will decrease

the quality and quantity of life-outcome realities

although the qualitative aspect of life has been experienced before,

throughout the entire period of a love-length, an increase in the

quantative variable is completely new to love-life, eternity and the

person or persons who choose an endless existence (see ethical parameters)

the difference is that the worst thing that can happen has already

happened and the best thing that can happen is an open-ended

scenario (within the context of eternity, any finite goal that can be

achieved will be achieved and the last thing we want is something that

comes to an end) that may never be fulfilled


experiences that are exactly the same from undulation to undulation,

with the variable already mentioned, and are, in the writer's experience,

there to produce insights into events that have happened in previous

undulations which are less than desirable and can be avoided  

now that dream theory is subject to public scrutiny it should start a

trend that makes taking dreams seriously an acceptable point of view





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