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dreams with the same or a similar theme




18th september 2011

where recurring dreams occur that have desirable content it means the person is doing and thinking things in their conscious state that are in harmony with the onward or progressive purpose of life

undesirable emotions or feelings means there is content in the persons conscious state that is at odds with the basic thrust or purpose of life


a person dreams of being on or near water

on one occasion the surface of the water is smooth

the smooth surface of the water is a reflection of the dreamers emotional state which in this example denotes the dreamer is calm

in another dream, days, weeks, months or years later the water will be choppy or turbulent

this denotes a there are thoughts, actions or words in the persons awake state which are out of synchronization with love/life

it is very easy to determine whether something is in or out of alignment with life... it either increases the quality and or quantity of life or it decreases the quality or quantity of life

all any person has to do is be aware of whether those things that are said or done or thought while awake contain greater quality and quantity of life

it's that simple

currently the only thing the writer can be critised for is smoking cigarettes

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change of or in the dreamers feelings of the subject matter that caused the dream in the first place

the recurring theme of the dream will be because of circumstances which could be work related or money related or because of a relationship or because of a moral or philosophical dilemma or one of a thousand other possible set of circumstances

it is for the dreamer to identify what is causing the undesirable feelings in the dream and resolve it by adopting a different attitude and then acting it out in real life until the water in the dream is consistently calm

turbulent waters and the attending feel-bad emotions brought on by an incident or experience not of the dreamers making, i.e. a physical attack or experiencing violent attitude or an upsetting news report in the media or... the list goes on, should be easy to identify

how to resolve circumstances forced on us is a social/political problem

in the first instance living within ethical parameters is the solution


consistently calm waters in the dream and the accompanying feel-good emotions denotes there is no issue to be resolved


is there a reason why it is water and not wind or a terrain ?