dreams and dream theory    

                        thought-influenced dreams



sometimes a meal will cause the writer to sleep during the day...

the first theme of this multi-themed dream was about christmas eve

woke up in the dream at midday and got a bit panicky because it

was going to be touch and go whether i could get into town and buy a

bottle of whiskey and be back in time for the beginning of the


the second part of the dream was about a friend the writer had in his

teenage years who was more interested in a wooing a girl than

anything else and a friend of his who was a budding guitarist who was

more interested in being friendly than he was being a musician

the third part of the dream was in the kitchen of the house the writer

grew up in

the kitchen had been expanded and could now seat 10 people and had

become something of a meeting point for people

a young woman was proudly showing the results of the very first

vegetables she had grown (flat beans)

these three themes are the result of three distinct thoughts that

that the writer remembers occurred during the day

one about christmas, one about the adjoining kitchen where he

currently lives and one about spending more time doing things musical

it may be that the other details in the dream were associated thoughts

that surrounded the distinctly remembered thoughts which determined

the main themes in the dream

in which case the main factor in determining the content of dreams

may be thoughts


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