(1st may 2014 externalized dreams

the dream began with someone in a small

group asking me what i thought was

a hypothetical question

it was somethng along the lines of... "if a

person suggests something is it fair to

accept what the person says

as being true"?

(wasn't going to enter this dream into the diary to start with.

it was a few hours before it was and by then the precise

wording of the question had been forgotten)

i said "yes"

the next scene was of someone who i had known as a

boy/teenager and he was walking away

from where he lived

in the next scene i was upstairs in

the house where he lived

there was a cat miaowing outside a bedroom door

it was obvious the cat wanted to go into the room

so i opened the door and let it in

with the door open i could see the friends mother

by her bed and i said sorry for intruding

she immediately asked me why i had testified

to her having done something

it then became obvious why the opening scene of the

dream was a matter-of-fact type question...

my answer was meant to be used to

incriminate the friends mother

the externalized aspect of the dream

began as i started speaking

"just a moment" i said

"i didn't know that the question i was asked was

going to be used to incriminate someone"

(at this point i realized i was becoming

conscious but finished the point)

"if i had been told that my reply was going to be

used in a court of law i wouldn't have

answered the question or would

have qualified it"


the cause of the  dream...

that day someone brought to my attention a newspaper headline

it was about max clifford

the person who brought the story to my attention

said he was convinced he was guilty because he

was the sort of person who would do

something like that

for the first time in many a month i read a tabloid

it's wasn't too difficult to understand what's going on

max clifford was the only person who had the character

to mention my existence on the telly

it is the courage of his convictions which has

brought about his predicament

(there are a handful of people who have demonstrated the

courage of their convictions. they, through their

progeny, will be offered more

life this undulation)

some of you will be aware there has been a

spate of prosecutions of sexual crimes

against high-profile people

in recent months

ken barlowe is the one that most people will have heard about

he was persecuted through prosecution because he had the

temerity to voice the fact that a persons disability's

were/are brought into existence as a result of

them doing things, undulation after

undulation, that reduce the

quality and or quantity of

life time and time again

this touched a raw nerve with the british oligarchs

there are many amongst them and their familes

who have mental and physical disabilities

when you control the media and can use the resources of a

country to persuade, bribe, induce... people to do say

and do what you want them to do there's always

enough people to do the oligarch's bidding

the oligarch's know that the mere mention of a sexual crime will

condemn that person when the accusation is

made through the mainstream media

too many ordinary people, being lazy-minded, believe

everything they see and hear on the telly

the tears shed for the loss of the original anscestor's

of todays oligarchs were shed many,

many undulations ago

the lover tried and tried and tried to get them

to see what that they were doing was

wrong and what the


would be

he suffered in ways you can't imagine until, literally,

the end of the universe 

understand fully the following points...

the mental faculties of the "original sinners" were working perfectly

there was nothing in the environment that could harm them

there was no external reason at all that could have given

them the cause to choose non-existence

perhaps they just wanted to be different from everyone else

(see also the mistake)

for the record...

the oligarch structure putin heads is

the most powerful in the world

and putin has a major role

in forming its strategies

(this web site is fairly certain it was he who

formulated the rationale that convinced

people close to and far from the writer

that it is, inevitably and ultimately,

a doom and gloom no-hope

outcome for everyone

other than the writer)


israel's netanyahu and britain's cameron (the second and

third most influential oligarch-controlled countries

in the world) do not originate strategies