dreams andream theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

12102014                                                           delayed-theme dream            


first scene

young girl unaffected by me telling her off for not keeping a

dog on a leash

the dog was wandering to and from the street to the road

second scene

called to the dog to me and when it got close enough gave it a

light smack on its hind quarter

third scene

the dog didn't know what it had done wrong and it slinked

away into a small cluster of bushes

felt emotions of annoyance for not being able to impress on

the girl the importance of taking responsibility for the dog and

frustration for not being able to think of a way of educating

the dog to the dangers of the road


a week ago there was an instance of a man whose dog had

sauntered into the road and was completely unaware of the

danger from cars

two cars had to slow and stop to avoid it

the dog's owner became angry with the dog and began

shouting at it the dog

the dog knew it was in the dog house over something

timidly and reservedly the dog walked to where the man was

remember looking at the dog as it walked by me and noting

that is was bemused as to what it had done wrong

35 minutes 


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