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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

01102014                                                            kissing-s0sx dream           


first scene and second scene


third scene

kissing with a difference; a little difference that made a whole

new world of difference

fourth scene

we were guests at a famous persons house

i was embarrassed that i wasn't wearing clothes that suited

the surroundings

the famous person put me at ease and i felt comfortable about

having s0x with you-know-who


you'd better believe it men

women out-passion us by at least 2 to 1

they just need the opportunity to do it their way

there were one or two scenes before the memorable part of

the kissing dream

it was with you-know-who again

the stand-out part of the dream was the kissing itself

as much as i'd like to share this dream experience in full it

would be bad etiquette to reveal another persons inclinations

it is the case that where there is both kissing and s0x within a

dream 9 times out of 10 it has always been the kissing which

was more enjoyable

this dream was also an informative dream; it was sensational

an added aspect to kissing which vaulted kissing into a new


can't think why it never occurred to me to do it

it is thought that the reason why kissing holds such a special

place in the feelings between women and men is because

kissing is represented in the heavenly state as the sensation

that is produced when physical contact occurs between two

beings and stimulates a feeling for more life in a numerical


if this the case then it is indeed the subtlest of mechanisms

that takes the time equivalent of 1 ^ 83 000 years to reach a


the explosive sensations we experience through the act of s0x

may be related in some way to the explosive ideas we attach

to the big bang

although the assertion "this time we do not stop" suggests

the big bang comes about for a different reason

in terms of trying to understand what the beginning and the

end of the mechanistic nature of the cyclic nature of love/life


it seems likely we haven't even learnt the basic structure of the

language of love in its broadest sense and we're trying run

before we can walk or tell a joke before we can talk when

attempting to formulate these matters

still, it's not a hanging offence to think about them and who

knows what such speculations will throw up

90 minutes


types of brain waves   



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