dreams andream theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

                            dreams andreams theory:  the beginning      

23102014                                                             two-themed dream             


first theme

first scene

what looked to be a cinema that had been converted into a

dancing arena

there was room for 50 or so people to dance down in the


it was fairly busy

more than a hundred people

second scene

there were about a dozen people (all women i think) already

dancing at this point in the dream

i was raring to go and was the first male to start dancing

third scene

it soon became an exhibition

some of the moves were jacksonesque (we really do need to

present these dreams in animated comic-strip form to do

them justice) and i became the whole show within a half a


this dream ended here

second dream

first scene

four of us (all fair-haired males) were on holiday and had

arrived at our destination

second scene

we were in a shop buying something to eat

we settled for baguettes with white meat

third scene

a boy of four or five was given a baby-sized one and stole the

show when he looked at his and said "boy baguette"

we all felt a warmth and liking for him

fourth scene

the dream changed its feel about here

we were out of the shop and a menacing predatory dinosaur

came from between two streets and made its way towards us

fifth scene

the dream became jumbled up here and there were other

scenes which are too vague to recall


60 minutes 


types of brain waves   



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