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                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

05102014                                                fleeting-thought / two-themed  dream            


first theme

first scene

was composing a new lay-out for the home page of this web

site and was having trouble getting a word to link to a

particular page

second scene

managed to get it to work by using a word with more letters


this dream was formed from a single, fleeting thought during

the day

possibly the most important about this dream is that the

thought was remembered

a stand-alone thought mixed in with all the other thoughts and

feelings and sights and sounds, tastes and smells of hundreds

and thousands of sensory inputs during any day

if you have difficulty in assigning the reason for the theme of

a dream this may be the reason why

the question is "why did the dream machinery latch on to this

particular thought and make it the theme for a dream" ?    

new category of dream... fleeting-thought influenced dream


first scene

this was set at the home of where i lived in my junior and

teenage years

had nearly completed putting together all the components

to make a barbeque

just needed a board about 25 metre squared to level a bit of

the ground

there were some comments

second scene

the wood had appeared in the dream and the barbeque cum

party was under way

third scene

my father was the last to arrive and was having trouble getting

into the garden using the entrance at the side of the house

used the board to enable access to the garden


unable to put my finger on the reason or cause for this dream

55 minutes 


types of brain waves   



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