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                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

                      11092014         two-themed dream


first dream... moving-sequence influenced / same-day influenced

was looking into where the driver sat in the latest model of a

jaguar car which had a fully computerized push-button

dashboard which was clustered into an area the size of a

laptop keyboard

took it for a test drive in the centre of a town i used to live in

the very centre of the town was at the top of an in incline

the lights were against me and at the top of the incline and

although the incline brought the car to a stop the car started

to slip backwards and i became panicky when i couldn't figure

out which of the buttons to press to apply the brakes so i

accelerated to stop the backward roll which took me through

the red stop lights

the dream ended with the police on the scene

the cause of the dream was, in part, due to watching the

italian grand prix and i remember dwelling on the way so

many of the operations were done through the steering wheel


second dream... written-word influenced / same-day influenced

this dream wasn't all love and kisses either

someone, who wasn't in the dream, was trying to kill someone

in a telephone booth using a snipers long-range rifle

i was part of the security team try to catch him

the dream ended before the shooter was caught

this dream was brought about by reading up on the origin of

the word assassin


could spend an hour or two trying to analyze the intricacies of

the associated themes within these dreams

in the future as the analysis of dreams becomes formulated

an easy-to-use guide book will help us to make sense of

every single aspect of any dream


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