dreams andream theor   

                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

12092014       tactile-informative (physiology)     

this dream started in a spacious underground station

was asking an african man for instructions to get somewhere

he told me the exit i wanted 

got to the start of the exit and was taken aback by how steep

and long the incline to the street was

there was the strong sensation of gripping the hand-rail as i

got toward the top of the steep and i only just managed to pull

myself up the last half metre

a woman with a young baby in a pram was standing at the

top of the exit anxious to get into the underground but she

could see it would be unsafe to try and get the pram down

i told her she shouldn't even try it

the dream ended


the sensation of gripping mentioned was so strong it was on

the verge of waking me up

this is the second night running the dream has had an incline

in it

analysis/interpretation: the sensation of grip was linked to

weight training earlier on in the day (had to grip a

dumbbell more firmly than usual to do a particular movement)

pushed myself too hard and stretched a chest muscle or

ligament or fibres

breathing was uncomfortable for the rest of the day

the grip aspect of the dream enabled me to identify the reason

for it

the steep incline...

the underground...

the african man...

the woman and baby...


am keeping the time spent on dreams and dream theory to

2 hours an entry (times up for today)



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