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                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

15092014                                                                     think-read dream 

first scene... in the centre of a large busy town looking for a

sign that points to the railway station

second scene... am having a confab with a railway employee

about buying a ticket

third scene... woman in the same situation as me (we

both missed the last scheduled commuter service and we

would have to use the employee's transport-home train)

fourth scene... slept during the journey and woke to find a


could only read the message by "think-reading it" one word at

a time

the first word was your, when i had read that word in order to

read the next word it meant forming a word that made

grammatical sense before it could be read (in this instance it

was luggage)

the next word could be is/was/has etc.

if the sentence wasn't making sense it meant going back to

that part of the message where more than one word could be

used to form a grammatically correct sentence and trying

different words until the right one had been chosen and the

next word revealed itself as a readable word)

the message read... i remember thinking as i read the

message "why is it in the luggage office" and "well how did it

get broken"?

i realised i could go back to the note/message and ask the

question "how did it get broken"? and so i did

the message was... "your luggage is in the luggage office

because the hand-strap of the large black bag broke as it was

being handled and the contents spilled out. you can collect it

from there up until 1 a.m."

think-reading was the longest scene of the dream and it took

bleedin' ages to think-read it

the think-reading became a real chore and it may have been

the case that the task of think-reading was becoming so much

of an effort i concluded the message so i wouldn't have to

keep on think-reading

when the message had been fully formed and i felt relaxed i

would eventually get the luggage back woke from the dream



centre of a large busy city

train journey

woman in dream

one-word-at-time message (second time recently that a

message has occured this way in a dream)

missed train/last train

birmingham to coventry

2 hrs


types of brain waves