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                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

20092014                                                                happy-ending  dream

first scene

was on a bus coach

second scene

a news story of a bank robbery came over the coach p.a.

third scene

the coach went off the road and into a ditch

fourth scene

four of us were in a waiting room (two girls, two boys)

fifth scene

we were told the luggage was unrecoverable but it would be

valued by remote machinery and compensation would be paid

in silver bits by an automated cash dispenser after inserting

the value tokens we would be given as soon as the valuation

was completed

sixth scene

i went last and couldn't get anything on the first or second

token but on the third token the machine paid a jackpot of

tens of thousands

i said "it's put the stolen bank money into my claim"

seventh scene

gave the girls what would be two or three thousand pounds

worth each and gave the other man about seven thousand

pounds worth of the little bits of silver

we were all very happy with the way it worked out

end of dream



the most real part of this dream was the sound of the bits of

silver as they poured out of the money dispenser

the two things that happened during the day that connect to

this dream is hearing the previously unheard sounds that

became noticeable when listening to music through a new pair

of speakers and a coach-trip brochure i browsed through for

ten or fifteen minutes earlier on in the day

all the other elements of the dream must have something to

do with emotional states, fleeting thoughts, persisting desires

or other, as yet unrecognised, dream-forming stimuli

coach journey

stolen money

two girls

two men


coach in ditch

damaged luggage (luggage again. 2nd time this week)

bits of silver

automatic machinery

happy ending

70 minutes


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