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                                                d r e a m s   d i a r y      

21092014                                                                 multi-themed dream        

first theme

two scenes

in bed with with a couple who were established partners

too s000000y graphic to detail

second theme

several scenes

in the living room of a family who were struggling to make

ends meet

thought it would be appropriate to offer them some money

the last of the scenes remembered was giving one of the grown

men a fiver (had about 50 in my wallet and it was in a time

when a fiver was an amount that could buy a family its basic

needs for a week or two)

third theme

first scene

was travelling abroad in a country that was impoverished

(again it was an earlier time in history) was trying to get back

home and the nearest i could get to making it home was to

catch a train to france

second scene

can remember saying "parie, parie" to a porter in my best

squeezed french

third scene

he conveyed to me the train i wanted stopped at the platform

i was standing on

fourth scene

a massive train thundered into the station

there was nothing to indicate where it was going and i became

hesitant about getting on it

the train was gone before i could change my mind and board


fifth scene

i was left alone on the platform with no one else anywhere to

be seen

fifth theme

first scene

was in yet another train station

something was amiss but can't remember what

second scene

a fast talking, smarmy and too obviously cunning con man

was trying to lure me into going with him or go along with a


i sensed he was bad news and declined

third scene

when he realized i wasn't going to be fooled two of his mates

suddenly appeared and it was their intention to rob me using


fourth scene

i kicked him the groin and he still had his con-mans smile on

his face as he was crumpling to a heap

fifth scene

a small crowd of locals came from behind me and set upon

him with sticks and began beating him violently over all his


sixth theme

first scene

yet another impoverished country (by now any semblance of

affluence was gone. i had no money, no belongings. i was


was looking away from where i was out into an expanse of

a semi industrialised area

second scene

a young urchin with a winning character and sincere smile

warned me of an impending threat to my life

third scene

he looked to a bend in view of the expanse and indicated that

was where it would come from

fourth scene

he jumped off the elevated walkway where we were standing

and ran across about a forty metre gap to a line of decaying

buildings and disappeared through an opening

a sound of roaring began

fifth scene

i looked to the bend of the view and saw a low wall of white

water coming

sixth scene

it was easily strong enough to wash me away so i ran for the

point in the buildings where i last saw the boy

seventh scene

found a gap just big enough to get through and got as far as i

could into the buildings

eighth scene

the water arrived and was lapping against some stones a

metre away

the dream ended there





lack of money




foreign countries

bad people

good people




unsatisfactory ending

100 minutes


types of brain waves