dreams andream theor   

                                           d r e a m s   d i a r y      

30092014                                             shrot-term consecutive-theme dreams           


first scene

was sitting at a table

next to me was another man at least half as big as me again

it was part of a formal introduction to a religious cult

we were at the lowest point it was possible to be within the

heirarchy of the organization

more specifically, the person next to me had superiority to me

by a matter of hours or days

his manner was friendly and although he was bigger than me i

felt i was on a par with him

second scene

an air of anticipation was growing as senior figures within the

group were expected any moment

third scene

three men dressed formally appeared and seemed seperate,

distant from me

third scene

in a different place and it was just the other new guy and me

in a spacious area

i wanted to talk to the three men who had been in the room in

the previous scene

immediately the mood and feel of the dream changed

i had opened a sacrosanct door and the full weight of

officialdom was making itself felt

fourth scene

i wasn't allowed to talk to them

i wasn't even alowed to talk about them

the reprimands were coming thicker and faster as the dream



both today's and yesterday's dream had secrecy and structured

authoritarian themes

still reeling from the previous 7 days of the oppressively rigid

encounter's from both the police and from hospital staff

how severely such attitude's affect a person are realtive to

that persons own disposition or outlook of life

how good or bad the world is depends on an individual's

sensitivity or feel for life

depending on how many day's, week's, month's or year's the

same theme lasts indicates the sensitivity or feel an individual

has on that specific facet of life

80 minutes


types of brain waves   



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