ethical parameters

                       living without killing

money: overspending

the resources or wealth of the world is limited

in terms of money it is currently about $10 000 per year

which means were it to be distributed evenly, as the lover

has arranged it, every child, woman and man would have

approximately $200 per week

it is the international capitalist/jewish conspiracy

of the manipulation of the worlds resources/wealth

that is the major underlying reason causing the

majority of the 18 000 prepubescent deaths

occurring daily (aided and abetted by those of you

who are, or desire to be, living on more

than the world wage)

by allowing yourself to believe you are more valuable

or consider what you are doing a justification for

spending more than this "fair share" or "world wage"

on yourself you have, in that consideration, actually

made yourself less important than other people

it is this overspending by individuals and nations

that is the main cause of the unnatural deaths of the

18 000 prepubescent persons dying each day

keeping to the " fair share " or " world wage "

(plus or minus 5-10%) keeps you murder-free

and conscience-clear

the distinction can be made between how much you

earn and how much you spend on yourself    


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