ethical parameters

                       living without killing

the car:

a fatally flawed outlook contains the notion that if

you take someone's life when you didn't intend to

then your not responsible (moses: numbers   )

most, if not all, of the world's judicial systems have

adopted the old testament's way of looking at life

it is nothing other than a reflection of contemporary

mammal mans unevolved/devolved state and

highlights the circumstance that far from being the

pinnacle of sentience contemporary man is closer to

the beasts of the field, both in time and character,

than to the heavenly state and the lover's character

this particular form of death-outcome activity first

made its appearance post-sumerian/pre-christian

times via jehu the reckless

so called by the people of the time because he was

the first to use a chariot in a habited area and in a

reckless manner (anything above walking

pace is reckless) which made death and injury


it is not until it comes to the car that people begin to

compromise with their future

the thought of having to inconvenience themselves

fills people with a sense of outrage or disquiet

it is also the last vestige of the experience of

effortless accelerative motion for devolving beings

it is also a manifestation of original sin

(ethical laziness)

every time a person uses the car they are

conditioning themselves to the circumstance that

unnatural death is a natural consequence of life

an outlook that becomes ingrained into a person's

genetic structure and, little by little, erodes a

persons compatibility

this is the way most ordinary people are predisposing

themselves to losing their man shaped status

the writer now knows better than to try and persuade

you personally to desist from this particular form

of murderous behaviour

it only takes a second or two to rob someone's

child of their life


the taking of the life a child means that 1000's of

people who would have existed in the millions of

years ahead will not, because of your actions, exist

simply because you couldn't be bothered to

inconvenience yourself and live your life in a

civilized way (that didn't contain the possibility,

which leads to the probability, which leads to the

actuality of the abstract abomination that is murder)

it can be seen that taking the life of a prepubescent

person is in fact mass murder     


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