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there seems little doubt that it is a squaring process that takes people into the future

a person or a couple* live for 70 years in an ethical way

the same person or couple live the same life** 70 times across successive undulations and "square" *** themselves

70 x 70 = 4900

then in a quantum mechanical way recur at that point of time of evolution when longevity is, on average, 4900 years

that same person or couple then live 4900 times, again in an ethical way, and square themselves again

4900 x 4900 = 24 000 000

and, again in a quantum mechanical way, move forward to that point in time in evolution where the average age is about 24 million years

and so on

have fun with your calculators

*it is completely feasible that the person you are in love with now is the person you enter into heaven with

**there will be subtle and profound changes happening at various points of this particular example

*** in mathematics a possibility squared becomes a probability