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 foot and calf cramps

 it had been going on for best part of twenty years but still couldn't figure out what the remedy was for lower-leg cramps 

 it wasn't until had been doing heel squats for a year and a natural tendency to lock the knees developed that a week ago when a toe cramp began that as was reaching down to pull back the toes (picture 1) which had been found to alleviate the feelings that accompany toe cramps, that the newly instilled tendency to lock the knees was enough on its own to quell the feelings of cramp 

 somewhat amazed, a toe cramp was induced, by pushing the toes forward and down, to see whether it was a consistent way of overcoming the tightening of the muscle which causes cramp 

 eureka ! it worked 

 within days it was possible to try it on a calf cramp 

 it really does work 

 so the method is... the moment you feel the muscle starting to tighten straighten the legs, lock, and keep the effort of locking the knees going while pushing away from the body with the heels and willing the toes up and back 

 when this person does it the pressure of the effort can be felt in the knees and in the calf 

 practice the method before getting a cramp and satisfy yourself you've got it down pat 

 with calf cramps you've got to be quick 

 don't wait for the feeling of the cramp to take hold before you try to do something about it. by then it's too late

 if cramps occur while sitting... immediately go into one of the positions in pictures 3, 4 or 5 

 otherwise do it as in picture 2

 if it does the trick don't forget to pass it on 

 picture 1 is the way the writer used to alleviate toe and foot cramps

 it's possible it's a diet thing. if it is a diet thing it can be remedied by going out of your way to eat foods that are rich in magnesium

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