enlarge the video to full screen size

for a one click look up of words you don't understand click download now Download Now

you will be taken to another web site

left click where it says... Download WordWeb

a box will appear somewhere on the screen that will give you the option to run, save or cancel

if your not sure whether to save or run the programme left click where it says " run "

after the programme has download another box appears on the screen that will ask you to " accept " or " decline "

left click where it says " accept "
it will take a minute for the programme to download
a box will appear
left click where it says " next "
another box appears for you to choose the language you want
if you're in britain the britain circle will have a black dot in it, left click where it says " install "
(it will only take a few seconds to install)
another box will appear saying " installation complete " and will have a few instructions on how to use the programme
then left click "next"
in the next and final box click the tab that says close
an icon with a "W" should be somewhere on the screen
all you need to do now is...
the two-handed one click way... press and keep pressing down the Ctrl (control) key on the keyboard and right click on the word
the one handed one click way... highlight the word apple by placing the cursor (that thing you can whizz around the screen) at the front or the end of the word and dragging the cursor across the word and then when it's been highlighted left click the icon with the capital letter "W" in it
the one-handed three click way... double left click any word and then left click on the icon with the "W" in it
for the defintion of a two word, or a more than a two word, expression ( apple pie ) highlight the words (apple pie) then left click the "W" icon
if the definition of the word you look up has words in it you don't understand double left click the word in the definition you don't understand and that word will be displayed
you can look up people and places as well
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