1 ^ 10 000  years



 love/life is about 0.00125 or 1/1000th of the way through squaring a line length

1 ^ 83 000 years is so large it must mean we're at the tail end of evolution and i haven't got a chance of making it


i's such a little number compared to other, larger numbers, all i've gotta' do is get paramatized and getting to heaven is gonna' be a breeze

these impossibly large amounts of time are difficult to think about

a number, by definition, is finite

divide any number by infinity and it becomes an infinitely small value

multiply 1^10 1000 by 1^10 1000 for 1^10 1000 years at a rate of  1^10 1000 functions per second and then divide the result infinity and it becomes an infinitely small number

we're going 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x 1 x ... for the rest of eternity

and remember...

there will always be more time ahead of us then there is behind us

infinitely more


* the writer latched on to this number when he came across it while browsing through a book that gave a résumé of original and notable achievements of ancient greek thinkers

the name of the greek thinker who put this number forward as being the largest number we would ever need is not remembered at the moment but all of the thinking that came out of that period that has stood the test of time was based on a sound rationale' although the rationale' for this number wasn't given or has been forgotten

the writer likes to think that in a future undulation the greek thinkers will put the number at 1 ^ 84 000 which suggests that in a previous undulation it was pegged at 1 ^ 82 000

the intuitive insights that the greek civilization produced two and half thousand years ago is something we still regard with an almost mystical appreciation

what caused that flowering of intellectualism ?



1st september 2009

a person trying to project the experiences of the here and now into the forever may well find themselves thinking that they don't want to go to heaven

the thing to remember about heaven is that it is beyond anything a person can imagine

put all the best experiences of your life together and try and imagine them all happening at the same time

then further imagine that state of being continuing

then imagine that those combined feelings and thoughts don't come anywhere near the basic feelings that exist in heaven

the writers experiences of 20 years ago produced a whiff of the senses and feelings accompanying freedom...

an exhilaration that filled the sense of being and which intensifies every new moment when the mind is exposed to the reality of an unending qualitative future in an inexhuastible space

it isn't known how that runaway feeling is moderated; it is suspected that love might have something to do with it

it's going to take an artist or narrator with special skills to describe the helpless wonder that is contained in picture page " heavenly bodies " as two beings begin to orient themselves to the stupefying reality of the heavenly state