* for a one click look up of words you don't understand click the link


black writing means pay to use

anvil studio: sound composer

cbs: video news

conversion calculator

daily motion: (more ad-oriented version of youtube)

fahrenheit to celsius converter

 for films music etc. search for what you want through the the pirate bay then download via utorrent and play the films with the media player media player classic

filezilla: transfers large files to your web site provider

geany database

google earth map

grooveshark: music search engine

length, area and volume convertor

list of search engines for finding films, music, tv shows etc

malwarebytes anti-malware

media player classic home cinema

 microsoft anti virus programme 

one.com : web site provider (20 per year)

prism: multi-format video and audio converter

rotten tomatoes (film reviews)

science daily

science fiction films list


skype: internet telephone

snapshot (for taking photographs of the page on the screen)

sony imagination suite (20 to 25)

the whitehouse website

video & audio package


windows internet explorer

world population clock

world wide internet television...viewmy.tv


youtube downloader