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do you realize that if the rate of longevity continues for the next million years at the same rate as it has done for the last million years in a million years from now we will all be living for one million years


just think what you could do if you had a million years to do it in...





you could lounge around swimming pools for 75 000 years




you could nip out to the edge of the galaxy and get a feel for space




you could have a relationship that lasted for 999 999 years


you could have 350 000 000 one night stands



you could become proficient in 5000 skills

kh.jpg Kurama working at a PC..........and Hiei trying to solve the mistery of the little people inside the colored box image by ayoku-shinpai

chase comets and asteroids around solar systems





read 10 million books and write a thousand for others to read

                         reading3.jpg reading image by thinkinglittlethoughts                           writing.jpg journal image by HeyJude_photo



watch a million films on a kilometre wide screen

n1529490020_30365611_9863.jpg The Godzillatron image by hookem7189      



devise a self regulating environment

futuristic.jpg Futuristic image by Silverdragonsas



develop remote controlled robots to do all the dangerous construction work

timerip.jpg robots space image by robots_are_your_friends



using natural muscle/bone growth techniques make yourself any shape that took your fancy ( within reason )





become an entertainer and make people laugh for hundreds of years or make them smile for 10's of thousands



learn to play every instrument that has ever been devised and make a few of you own





dance for 70 000 years




visit 10 000 star systems ( what a rock collection that would be )




play every game ever invented and invent some yourself




contemplate the lovers character for 100 000 years




walk hand in hand with someone for 1000 000 000 miles




swim for 100 000 000 miles




give every star in the galaxy its own name



give every galaxy in the universe its own name




watch every play ever written



develop your skills in painting or sculpting and produce masterpieces



become the chess champion for the 700th consecutive year


picnic on a million moons



construct a children's zero gravity playground limited only by safety factors and your imagination



invent toys so delightful children never "grow up"



nurture your feel for life so that all that  you ever want is to be with other people



even with a million years there wouldn't be enough time to do all these things

to do all these things you would need to live for 100 million years

do you realize that if the rate of longevity continues at the same rate for the next  100 000 000 years at the same rate as it has...

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19 th june 2009

it is clear...

longevity and ethical trends are bound together

not in a conjugate way but as an enhancing partnership

people visiting this site regularly understand that reality cannot contain, to any great degree, unsustainable lifestyles

being forever means thinking and acting in a way that can last forever

it means a person being bold and continually refreshing their commitment to love/life

follow the ethical guide in ethically orienting and it will be a little easier to do this time around next undulation

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