metabolic maintenance

our motto...

"to be growing the day we die"


 6th march 2012


what has been discovered is that the weight of the bar should go through the heels both on the way down and on the way up

( it has brought about the single biggest improvement in 17 years )

 this will give you a much firmer walking style in everyday life

 you will need to use wood blocks or books or... to get a 2-5 centimetre lift under your heels

 to start with develop the tendency of losing balance to the back of you

 do it with your back to a wall so that when your balance does go the wall will give you the confidence to let it happen

 it doesn't take long to get the balance right

 a second point... use the square root * of your weight (every individual, regardless of weight, is assigned with a value of ten) as the basis for the heel squat

* for everyone this is, as much as matters for now, one third of your body weight 


30 kilograms body weight = 10kgs

40 kilograms body weight = 13kgs

50 kilograms body weight = 17kgs

60 kilograms body weight = 20kgs

70 kilograms body weight = 23kgs

80 kilograms body weight = 26kgs

90 kilograms body weight = 30kgs


we're aiming for 20 to 30 minutes of non stop repetitions

at the moment it's as many repetitions as it takes to get to work uo a sweat

as the years roll on we'll tie this exercise in with the heart, diet and rest/sleep


 individual preesure pads for the soles and heels