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global control through an organised collection of small groups of people in key countries... in order of influence it looks like it is... russia, israel, britain... 


the oligarch structure is basically the second and third party in collusion. between them they control... the media, the military, the banks, the police, the courts...

if you don't know someone who knows someone who can turn an ordinary person into becoming a suicide bomber

if you don't know someone who knows someone who can mentally condition a woman to have sex against her will

if you don't know someone who knows someone who is a cannibal

if you can't tell the newspapers what to put on their front pages

if you can't give the order for a high profile assassination

if you can't tell the tv stations what news items to run

if you can't pre-determine the outcome of a trial

if you can't cause an army to go to war

if you can't...

you're not an oligarch

 the lover's love has given you this time of earthly evolution

the time to be that which you want to be

but soon your time will be gone

this may be hard for you to believe but there is great sorrow that you must be allowed to to pass into the past

but you can understand also that lover's of life must have their time too

and to them their time seemed a very long time coming

lover's of life don't hate you nor should you hate them

the circumstances that produced the mistake were forseeable but not seen

saying sorry doesn't count for anything

this time of earth's history is and always will be yours and your descendents

it is though, as much time that can be given and still allow the function of 1x1 to continue

if there were more time available it would be yours also

do that which gives you satisfaction and try to understand what has happened and why it did happen

if i were in your place i imagine i would feel hateful toward the lover and first generation for not forseeing what could happen

but the lover can't be in your place and i feel a sadness so deep it turns me over