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the idea that there is a connectedness to our situation that is only just starting to unravel


one universe

some of you will be starting to realize the full implications of the ď irreversible impression every act produces in the fabric of reality Ē and how that ties in with our destiny, the loverís terrible love, his attunement to the universe and bell's theorem

how it is that just a handful of considerations brings the universe and our existence within it into a coherent whole


one world

itís only going to take one bridge, connecting north america to russia via the bering strait, and everyone will have access to the bulk of the surface area of the earth

( as luck would have it there's a couple of islands halfway across this stretch of water which will simplify the engineering )

this web site champions the idea of walking as being the natural means of getting from one place to another

( walking with god )

a major construction programme connecting spain to morocco and a network of bridges connecting indonesia to australia, along with the building of the new habitation, will more or less complete one worldliness

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