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the anthropic principle's main features...


the universe could have been a million different other ways

because none of those other variations would have allowed life to develop it is assumed that the universe is especially tuned for life


life of earth is the only life anywhere in the universe


65 000 000 million years ago, from amongst the dinosaurs, one species, man shaped, attained the ability to perpetuate independent of earth


mankind is about to attain the same capacity


in 30 000 000 years a new class of being will give rise to a species, man shaped, and they will join the dinosaur and mammal classes of being evolving independently of earth


this process, of new classes of beings, man shaped, continues until the sun becomes too unstable, in about 5000 000 000 years


from the last class of beings to evolve the essence of life, one times one, will emerge

the previous sentence, tucked away half way down a page of writing being handed out in a random fashion from a street corner, deserves a bolder introduction into our consciousness

getting there and being assimilated is what really matters though

it is a notion that would be ascribed to a purely theoretical model of ethical behaviour

it is a breath of fresh air in a world full of unwieldy ideas

it is the best news we have ever had

far beyond what anyone had dared hope for and inestimably more than fair minded person would have expected

so much more than we deserve it produces a feeling of shame and yet it seems it is to be our destiny to experience ever-increasing values of love/life

now we see love... it is unable to put itself before others

nor does it stop there

so unusual in feature and manner will the lover be

that none shall know neither you nor me

it doesn't seem possible that a being with these abilities and a character like this could exist

it is stunning

i am speechless


men! women's feel for life seems greater than ours, which it is, but soon the wars will have stopped and ordinary men will turn their attention to love too

then a wave of change will roll around this world the likes of which hasn't been seen for 65 000 000 years

not long to go

not long now


two different things cannot occupy the same place at the same time

e.g. the moon can't be made of both cheese and rock

or things with similar characteristics can mix whereas things that are dissimilar can't

e.g. chalk and clay can mix but water and mercury can't and that peace, pleasure and truth are akin and are to be found in the same place to the degree there is an absence of war pain and lies


"by nature i am peacefully inclined and reject all doubtful adventures but a theoretical interpretation had to be found at all costs..." max planck

planck's discovery of the universal quantum of action

(the least thing that can happen)

will be 100 years old in the year 2000.

nothing would befit that evolutionary discovery more than to celebrate its centenary with a gesture to peace of evolutionary proportions


genetic theory's scope encompasses the possibility that our descendants will generate from their genes all those previous unique combinations, you and i. that will be the constituent parts of theirs

however those of us whose genes do not survive until then will have become actual people who exist in theory only

when we consider that before conception there was only one combination of genes that could and did result in us becoming the individuals that we are

and in view of the fact that every individual's unique genetic combination becomes part of the blueprint from which all newly conceived babies must draw their uniqueness, we can muse over the circumstance that where successive progeny become two children parents our potential for existence is greater after death than before birth


planck's postulate

that energy is not given off in a continuous stream, on the contrary, it can only be given off in fixed, discreet, packets or bundles, that he called quanta, and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength grow smaller

approximately doubling and halving


axiom 1

that all things comply with planck's postulate of a size to numerical ratio

we can see this with mountains, plants, clouds, trees, fish, insects, rivers, people etc.

it also applies to things we can't see... suns, galaxies, wavelengths, micro-organisms etc.

it also seems to apply to apply to abstract form as exemplified by the apparently indefinitely large numerical size of pi


there is a mathematical theory, its origins in quantum theory, that indicates that the universe is "flashing on and off - coming into and going out of existence - millions of times every second"

this theory finds support through bell's theorem of interconnectedness which demonstrates that the underlying character of reality must have faster-than-light connections

this means that it is onlyreality,notevents, that have superluminal connections

time-travel machines and quantum leaps remain science fiction

while the universe is "off" there is a real value off zero and because zero doesn't need a prior cause we may have overcome the greatest mystery of all... how did things get here?


classical mechanics

that all things can vary in a continuous manner

so that by throwing a marble at the moon a tiny but calculable shift occurs in the moons motion and that every successive marble thrown will cause a similar shift until a trillion marbles later an observable shift is noticed

quantum mechanics

there is a minimum energy exchange that can occur in nature so that no shift can occur until the trillionth marble has been thrown at which time sufficient energy has accumulated to cause a shift

this means that if the earth were to undergo a change of orbit we wouldn't know until it happened

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