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point of rejection

between picture page 2 and picture page 3 of picture pages 3000 the lover realized, it would have been a gradual realization, that he was going to be spending eternity in the conscious-numbing state of knowing that his experience of existence was not going to change… there was only ever going to be an awareness of change of position in a void

neither the sequence of the events nor any of the events themselves between the time of picture page 2 and picture page 3 of picture pages 3000 have been revealed to the writer

however the writer’s personal pages give an insight…

the term "point of failure" was the original title given to this picture because it was assumed that there was an endless endeavour attached to becoming ethically oriented in that self and space become more oriented in the ways of love as a direct proportion to the amount of time spent in an isolated state building on an initial ethical bias

not for the first time the writer, not unlike yourselves, has took a piece of information and interpreted the opposite way to how it is

what has actually transpired is the initial impulse to keep moving has gone

the inherited trait to move has reached the point where it makes more sense to stop than it does to keeping moving

completely stopping is the lover's perogative

(we stop to put into practise the feelings of love that develop in heaven which, when applied to the earths environment or ecosystem, are able to bring into being, at a fixed but consistent pace, couples capable of being able to love forever)

here we are again and here we go again

in theory a straight line crosses infinity

if so then infinity can be traversed

and this time we do not stop

it will have been noticed that some ideas contradict other ideas

the reason for stopping given here is different to the reason given for stopping in the entry reciprocating

there are two reasons for this

one is that new insights make a previous understanding obsolete and the writer hasn't got around to amending it yet

the other is that in one frame of mind one perspective makes sense and in another frame of mind a different reason seems the right one

this almost whimsical view of profound things is akin to the wave/particle duality of reality...

things are the way they are depending on how you look at them