picture page 2 pre-pi


the ultimate hard man

unlike ourselves he can't be broken

don't misunderstand

he never takes anyone's life

he never even takes the life of a flea or a fly or a virus

this "hard" phase of his development was directed at infinity

it was about here that the thought "no" ocurred as he realised that

all he was ever going to know was a change of position in a void

it may come to be known what happened between this moment and

and the discovery of straight line action

as many zeros as can be imagined can be added to 3.000000000000

000000000000000 before 3.14159263589793 etc. (pi) is arrived at

he is, after all, of the beginningless, which is a seamless whole

the beginningless is transcedental (beyond the range of human

experience in every respect)

this page is entitled pre-pi