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" that energy does not occur in a continuous stream , on the contrary, it can only occur in fixed , discreet amounts (quanta) and that quanta grow larger as the wavelength get smaller"

( approximately doubling and halving )


for 100 metre wavelengths 100 quanta

for 50 metre wavelengths 200 quanta

for 25 metre wavelengths 400 quanta

classical mechanics ( analogue )

that as the suns mass dissipates

( 4 million tons every second )

the gravitational pull on the earth decreases accordingly ( newton's third "law" )

so that a gradual increase of the distance between of the earth of the sun occurs micro second by micro second

quantum mechanics ( digital )

that no change in position can occur until a minimum energy exchange ( planck’s constant or a multiple of it ) has taken place

quantum theory is truly all pervasive