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pre - embryonic growth

from the moment of conception until the preg is capapable of its own motion





the word egg, in relation to the man shaped beings reproductive system, is being replaced

it allows a woman's stature to be associated with that of reptiles

( even lower than the beasts )

and reptiles are, as everyone knows, a dead and dying lot

whereas we are very much alive and kicking with an endless qualitative future beckoning

a slight difference

women the world over are getting the short end of the stick

( as they have been for as long as history shows )

it's to be expected in a world where muscles, aggression, macho man and the might makes right outlook still prevails

chances are that a woman's physiology eventually translates into exemplary love

( as well as being a source of pleasure and sustenance the nipple is a woman's forward point of motion )

contrary to the male dominated thinking that a woman's shape is an inferior version of a man's it's the lover in typical can-only-enhance mode

your day is coming ladies

not for a while

but it's coming

men can get used to the idea of being in an unending state of "catch-up"

we degenderise before entering heaven although the mental attributes of manliness and womanliness may always be























Development of embryo at approximately 4-6 weeks.

An eight week old human embryo.

Human fetus in utero at twelve weeks.

The human fetus at about four months showing the head & upper limbs & the umbilical cord which connects the fetus (at the navel) to the placenta.

Human fetus near his fifth month of development.

The human fetus at 8 months, almost full term.

Human fetus in utero at approximately 36 weeks.


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