monotheism: some will refute that the idea that god originated in


it's one of the pieces of information which the writer stumbled

upon during the late 1980's when, following comprehension, a

thirst for knowledge led him into subjects he had never thought

about before

other contradictions about accepted ideas which came to light

were... relativistic time doesn't apply to life... it was anaximander

and not darwin who originated the idea of evolution... it was

poincare who first put forward the theory of relativity and not

einstein... it was galileo not newton who discovered gravity...

it was the 2nd and third party who started world war 1...

it is certainly the case that it is oligarch interference that has

brainwashed 99.99 % of the population into thinking it was an

english man who originated the idea of evolution (newton,

darwin... we english have gotta' be some kinda' special dude's)

the the titles of the books are not remembered but it is felt that

the reader will acknowledge they are not things that i thought i


nor is it the case with the idea of god       

the list on the opposite side of the page could have several more

things added to the list    

as reasonable people it is thought you will at least consider that

with such a list of landmark civilizing-achievements as those

listed opposite it is at least possible

.. . .. . . . . . . ... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .