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part 8 : the endless


 for ourselves (the mammal class of man shaped beings) this undulation there will be, by the year 3000 a.d., one hundred thousand million (1 ^ 11 ) people here on earth

 there will also be 1 ^ 11 the same number of people  for the dinosuar class of beings 

 and, it is thought, the same number for the next class of man shaped being that evolves in 30 000 000 years or so

 whether this number applies to all class of beings that evolve over the next 5000 000 000 is not known but better to err on the life side of this formulation and say it does

 imagine that... 1 ^ 11  man shaped beings all on a par with the lover in terms of their ability to love 

  everything will have changed beyond all recognition by then though

 it also seems sensible to project that the number of 1 ^ 11 is a maximum, at least until a...  



 for the mammal class of being ( ourselves ) the numbers on earth in future undulations

( as a working number, until greater accuracy is achieved through the formulating of genetic theory, a very loose figure of 1 000 000 undulations seems a sensible amount of time to allocate for each new couple to orient themselves and achieve fulfilment )

will be...

 1 ^ 11  people

( each of whom will have attained heaven in a previous undulation )


10 000 - 500 000 years

in the same way that our mammalian evolution coincided in part with dinosaur man it is thought that eventually man shaped beings of different classes will be able to co-evolve during the formative stages of taking on human characteristics

that is as we become able to talk and laugh and play and think about what it is we are thinking

the pace of evolution will certainly have to pick up to enable another 100 000 000 000 individuals as well as the 20 or so couples to emerge before the sun swells and becomes a red giant and prevents any more life from forming

as well as the 1 ^ 11 individuals of the 1st generation ( picture page 4) it is currently thought there are about 20 couples who emerge this undulation

three of those couples will be from the mammal class

it is thought that the dinosaur class will have either twice as many couples as ourselves or half as many and the next class of being that evolves, in approximately 25 000 000 years, will fit into this pattern of doubling and halving

it is also possible that it is one more couple every million or so undulations for all classes


 this is one of many pieces of the jigsaw of our understanding that will fit together when we are in communication with our man shaped dinosaur cousins

 incidentally, our man shaped dinosaur cousins are extremely keen to begin a dialogue with us

 there is so much they could enlighten us on in just a few days

for all classes of beings, for as many undulations as the writer can make sense of, the number of man shaped couple's that evolve on earth is...

50 00000000000000000000

( 10000000000000000000000 individuals )


5000 000 000 years

where it goes from there is anybody's guess

it's not certain that the lover knows

we can be fairly certain that each undulation we take a run at infinity in a slightly expanded qualitative state

before you try to guess at what eternity holds in store for us try this exercise...

the lover, in the first instance, began expanding or continuing the function of 1 x 1 by introducing two beings who were/are to all intents and purposes one

this manifested itself in earthly evolution as the dinosaur class of being

( it is thought, although not known, that the comng-to-be of the physical sexual characteristics of both female and male are acts of love that were/are performed in heaven and that those acts of love take on the physical form of genitalia when applied to earthly evolution )

now; who amongst you wants to marry a woman without hair or breasts ?

( to be fair to dinosaur woman her skin is silky smooth and were you to meet her tomorrow her personality is so appealing it would stun you )

the next acts of love enacted in heaven that were significant to continuing or expanding the function of 1 x 1 resulted in the physical attributes of mammal woman

( head hair and breasts )

now try to add two physical attributes to a mammal woman that would make her so physically appealing that the thought of marrying a mammal woman without those two new physical attributes is as unattractive an idea to you as marrying a woman without hair or breasts

and this enhancing of physical attributes is going to happen to all of 1st generation which means it is going to happen another 1 ^ 11  - 3 times

again it is thought, though not known, that the next earthly manifestation of those acts of love...