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string theory

string theory




the beginningless and the mechanism of reality 

for an incomprehensible moment nothing was

(the way the word nothing is being used here represents the end of language)

however, it is not possible to be nothing

it doesn't make sense in language to say "i am going to be nothing"

the word being and the word nothing are nonsensical when used in the way given in the example in the line above

they exclude each other

( are mutually exclusive )

it is not possible to be and not be at the same time

not even eternity can pull off that trick

as it is in our language so it is in reality

the consequence of zero as the absolute is that the a state of endlessness of being will have minimal features 

 the minimal feature that reality can furnish is currently thought to be a one dimensional straight line and further that everything else that can be has to comply with the basic characteristic of linear form

be mindful here

in trying to explain reality all we can ever have is a purely theoretical model

neils bohr was emphatic on this point... "there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description"

bear this in mind and be ready to junk any idea that occurs to you

many physicists are convinced that string theory, which falls into this category, is the way things really are

the biblical phrase " in the beginning... " has been, in some part, the reason why a rationale hasn't been formulated that has allowed the reasoning being given here to occur in the minds of thinkers in ages past

that and the homicidal enforcement, through the inquisition, that the bible is the word of god and was not to be questioned

but that's the past

the future is emerging

start thinking afresh

there was no beginning

there is only the endless