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the degree or the amount of the quality and the quantity of life at any given moment 




there are five easily defined conjugate positions of love/life

in terms of greatest quality and quantity they are...






within each of the five conjugates there are trillions of variables or degrees of conjugate positions

 the conjugate positions do, in the broadest sense, start with the big bang

 this entry picks up the story when earthly evolution was at that point when the first man shaped beings began to talk, laugh and play (see d-man)

there can be a change of position for only one person or for any number of persons up to and including the whole

the difference between one position and another may be a new feeling in a relationship or a new understanding or an act of cooperation or an act of selfishness

of the five conjugates of life two are known at this web site as love/life and life/death

currently both love/life and life/death are in evidence with a gradual increase in the conjugate of love/life taking place

a person within the conjugate of love/life always has the option to occupy another conjugate that has greater freedom of movement

a person who chooses to occupy the conjugate of life/death does not have that option

each conjugate is defined by a marked increased in love and ilfe or a decrease in love and life

to make them easier to write and say and to give them an endearing quality they have been abbreviated