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the central banking system of the united states of america

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the origin of the federal reserve goes back to the 14th october 1066 a.d. when the british royal family came into being

in 1067 a.d. to put in place trading procedures that would enable the the royal familiy to maintain its wealth the corporation of the city of london was founded

on july the 27th 1694 a royal charter created the bank of england

in the charter a fund for perpetual interest and a monopoly bank was set in motion

the bank of england could now finance itself through the endevours of other people and go on to create the largest empire the world ever has ever known

1903: germany wins the contract to build the baghdad railway company connecting iraq to berlin

1910: jekyll island meeting

1913: the sixteenth amendment and the federal reserve act

1914: rothschild bought the controlling interest of the federal reserve

it's beginning to look as though world war 1 wasn't over the assassination of the archduke ferdinand of austria at all but was because the baghdad railway company's railway link between iraq and berlin would have put the middle east's oil in non jewish hands

1945-1955: stalin said that winston churchill instigated world war two

2002: alan greenspan receives an honorary knighthood from the queen of england

( this web site is currently researching information that makes sense of why britain and france are still doing the federal reserves bidding

it is currently looking at loans given to them by the rothschilds which funded their war efforts in the 1700's and 1800's and 1900's )

































26th march 2011

it takes but a few hours of cross referencing to find out where the organized murders are coming from...

money oriented people, mainly, but not exclusively jews











the strategy of the federal feserve is to accumulate wealth through the very slow, but extremely effective, technique of currency debasement (a.k.a. inflation and quantative easing (q.e.) )


here are some extracts from the federal reserve act...

" the right to amend, alter or repeal this act is expressly reserved "

( those who made up the rules are the only ones who can change the rules. when it comes to keeping our pockets lined to hell with your democracy )

" its decisions do not have to be ratified by the the president of the united states or anyone else in the executive or legislative branch of government "

( this means that president obama can't stop them from taking all the money they have and transferring it to israel )

" money not held by member banks shall not be entitled to voting power "

( you can give them your money but don't have any say in how they use it. they can use it to set up a child slave ring... or finance international prostution... or... )

but people used to lots of money don't give a damn where it comes from


" no outsider can buy shares in the federal reserve "

( it's theirs and no one else's )

" no member of congress is to have access to the inner sanctum "

( somebody with a bit of humanity might raise a stink if he finds out how the money is being used )

" including the capital stock and surplus therein, and the income tax derived therefrom shall be exempt from federal, state and local taxation, except real estate "

( we can make unlimited profits and not pay any tax )...


the sixteenth amendment section 13 in its entirety reads

" the congress shall have power to lay and collect taxes on incomes, from whatever source derived, without apportionment among the several states and without regard to any census or enumeration "

( does it sounds like a declaration of war to you as well ? )


despite two wars ( one in 1776 and another in 1812 ) and twice abolishing central banks after they had been set up all attempts by the united states to resist the english and the english banking system failed when, in december the 23rd 1913, while many of the congress were away on christmas holiday, woodrow wilson snook the federal reserve act and the sixteenth amendment through his republican dominated senate one hour after it was passed into law

( finanaciers wanted it in law by hook or by crook because it was a ticket to ride and once it was in law they could write their own ticket )


the 1694 royal charter it was also the start of the national debt


the corporation of the city of london

today it is called the city or the square mile with its own police. it also has its own political and economic rules. like the vatican city in rome it is a city within a city )


also in the charter was the idea of a monopoly bank

an example of monopoly banking is...

1000 people each put in 100

the bank gives each of them 1 pound a year in interest then lends out the 100 000 and gets 2% interest a year back on it
























































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