try to take in this point... he is part of reality,

and, like reality, he cannot cease to exist

a being that cannot cease to exist in a reality

that cannot cease to exist cannot think in terms

of something ceasing to exist

he can no more will something out of existence

than you or i can will something into existence

by something it is meant a mountain or a sun

not a smile or a sentence

like a house-builder... they do not make the

matter that makes the bricks

the bricks are made of substance that is of


the universe, like a brick, was/is not brought

into existence by wishful thinking, it is brought

into existence by using materials that are

already there

the three things that science knows exist...

length, mass and time

you and i are made out of these three things and

all the wishful thinking in the world cannot take

any of them out of reality

when a person allows into their thinking the

possibility that something that is made out of

these things can be taken out of existence they

have entered into the realm of unreality

when a person kills a person in a car "accident"

they haven't taken the things that make up

that person out of existence they have only

re-arranged the things that make up that person

the vastly complex structure that gives rise to

consciousness can't, like a house, be rebuilt in a

few months

it originally took many thousands of millions of

years of loving craftsmanship, across more

undulations than can easily be grasped , to get

to the point where the marrying of the where

and the when of atoms, elements, chemicals,

proteins etc. could be utilized in such a way to

makes our existence possible and those unique

course of events cannot be duplicated again this


before a person engages in actions that can

result in murder and end a beings right to

heaven the person who brought about the

destruction of another person had to have

within their genetic structure the unreality that

reality can cease to exist

reality didn't put that thought there

the thought that reality can cease to exist

occurs in a persons mind as a result of

that person exercising the most magnificent

ability of creativity... free will

it doesn't happen as a result of thinking it just


a person has to become obsessed with the idea

over a great period of time before it takes form

within the genes

free will, in the normal course of events, gives

rise to thoughts and ideas which produce

realities which contain within them action that

increases endlessly

all that is required of you is that you exercise

your free will

your individual characteristic's come from, and

are expressed through, your free will and it is

this individuality that makes heaven what it is...

the experience of motions that increase in

desirability the more they are enacted