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the loss of life from the function of 1 x 1


14th december 2009

the real tragedy in all of this is not the suffering that devolving beings experience on the way out of existence

nor is it the suffering of the innocents

nor is it the suffering the lover had, and has, to experience as a result of beings choosing not to exist

the real tragedy is the fact that those beings cannot be replaced

for all eternity there will always be a gap in the function of 1 x 1 where those beings should have been

the heavenly state wont be as rich as it could have been

each undulation be as long as it could have been

the possibility of large quantities of an acceptably appealing existence for devolving beings has just past

the only consolation is that the worst of the realities that can come from the desire not to exist are in the past

whether evolving or devolving there's no way it can be looked at without realizing it is a complete tragedy

december 2009
















10th october 2012

this entry was written on the train on the way back from london on the 14th december

after getting no response from the russian embassy it was realised that the whole dreadfully sad story of devolution is destined to happen

the lover, of course, knew this beforehand

it should be understood that even though all hope was lost many, many undulations ago, going through the motions is a necessary part of ethical beings attempts to double, triple, quadruple... check that somewhere in a beings make up a remnant of courage and wisdom great enough to change their destiny exists

another check will be made this time next undulation











10th october 2012

for those of you who wondered what it was that could condemn a person to eternal suffering... now you know

a being who knows what the consequences of murder are

is told what the consequences will be to both the murdered person and the person who commits the murder and in the light of the knowledge of the consequences of their actions goes ahead and does it anyway

even after committing murder the murderer's are given the chance of avoiding damnation through repentance but even then, with eternal damnation staring them in the face, go ahead and murder again

in the millennia and milliards ahead as we move further on into lov-lee and the magnificence of the heavenly state starts to reveal itself the real loss to those who chose non existence will become known to those who are able to compare the difference between the two extremes of reality

the innocents who suffered at the hands of the devolving will not regret their suffering because the understanding will exist that every conceivable attempt in every conceivable set of circumstances was made to bring them to their senses

the devolving are not to be hated but pitied

don't, however, feel sorry for them




















10th october 2012

for diplomatic reasons this entry was withheld until after the visit

there's no reason to hold it back any longer

indeed, more harm may have been done by not making it available earlier

at least two people close to the writer were presented with the rationale below and were persuaded it was right

two people whose destiny was changed because of it...

...there is a reason or reasons or a rationale, coming out of the russian camp, that purports that it is futile to hope that it is anything other than a doom and gloom future

the actual reason or reasons or rationale isn't known but it is suspected that...

for ordinary people the idea that extraterrestrials exist is a non starter

that they exist and are in league with governments is just too weird to be considered

nonetheless the point has got to be made in an attempt to stop people, even if it's only one person, from being sucked into this skewered view of life

see also... conspiracy: sensible people who know what's going on

there was only one person the narrator didn't speak to

Why? because he was/is a fully-fledged oligarch




















10th october 2012


both the 1st party and the 2nd party knew i would make my entrance in 1986

you'll notice the 3rd party were not considered as being important enough to be privvy to the information

the grays first made contact with russia in 1942 (in the middle of world war two)

the grays are themselves devolving beings... the blind leading the blind