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the shape that has three equal sides




it is thought that everything that exists, with the exception of the straight line, can be constructed from  triangles




File:Green equilateral triangle point up.svg








the thing about the triangle is that it is the neatest two dimensional finite linear shape that can exist and still be endless

see phi






to keep things as simple a possible the word equilateral is not used when talking about a triangle that has equal sides





every other triangle has a special name
















to draw a triangle...

draw a line, in this example it's A to C

then draw a circle so that the edge of the circle touches points A and point C

then draw a line the same size as the first one you drew straight across from point A

the end of this line is point B

then draw another circle so that the edge of the circle touches point C and point B

then draw a line from C to B










see also the straight line


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