the oligarch structure and the way it operates

                                 the drug trade


one heroin addict in 500 had to wait an hour for their fix


why is it that with thousands of troops from dozens of different

countries operating in afghanistan      with the sole

intention of stopping the tailban from distributing heroin across

the face of the earth, that after ten years of war, the amount of

heroin getting into the countries who are desperately trying to

stop it is actually increasing ?

are we completely incompetant ?

or is it that the taliban such superb military strategists they're running

rings around around us ?

the answer is disturbingly simple

the c.i.a., m.i.5-6., the kgb etc. and the secret services of the 

countries they control or are in cahoots with, are the ones doing

the drug-running    

it happened in the vietnam war       

its happening in afghanistan

occasionally the mainstream media runs a news item of a

multi-million pound drug bust 

the people who get caught are non oligarch operatives who were

being monitored from the time they made the plans to bring a

sizeable amount of heroin into blighty

they are allowed to bring it into the country before they are

busted for two different reasons...

1 to give people the feeling that the drug trade within these

shores is under control

2 the drugs seized are given to street-level operatives    for


the street value of the heroin in circulation in britain in 2007 was

eight billion pounds      which means this year it is about

15 000 000 000

when you consider the biggest ever drug-bust in britain had a

street value of 30 000 000      it makes you realize just

what a sham the war on drugs is

how did the other heroin, worth

14 970 000 000, get into the country ?

      30 000 000 = 1 500th of the total value of the heroin in the


that's one person in 500 who didn't get a fix between 3 pm and

4 pm yesterday

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . .