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the mechanism of love, working within the realms of reality, has engineered things so that as undulations occur there is a conjoining of mutual characteristics and that those mutual characteristics, which were composed in heaven, are being brought to fruition here on earth as paired couples who are finding there way to each other in a steady and consistent way

as an example... within 1 000 000 undulations, you will meet a person and love becomes a two way thing in the partnership

calculable undulations later the desire to experience an ever-greater love becomes the desire to include others and an act of creation brings children into being

( it is a rigidly defined series of conjugate positions through to fulfilment )

some undulations later the comfortableness of being together will turn into a desire to do things for that person

in a not incalculable number of undulations after that you and your partner's genetic combinations re-occur in synchronization in time and your ability to love keeps growing

and within an easy-to-multiply number of undulations after that an even greater love than the one you had theretofore known will cause an elongation of that original paired love

and within undulations whose figures do not exceed more than 1^100 x 1^100 the two of you will have become love and will know what freedom is...

a reciprocating partnership that is capable of reaching further and further into infinity

just think about that concept

two people in love in infinity for eternity

if, in all eternity, only one couple could be brought into being it would be regarded as the most amazing event conceivable

there are going to be 50 000 000 000 such couples coming through the mammal class alone ! ! !

the point of love, when looked at within the context of eternity, makes a lot of sense