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bell's theorem of interconnectedness

bell's theorem is a mathematical Proof

it tells us that every Quon (particle) in the universe is connected to every other quon instantaneously


don't, as with the fanciful ideas attached to the theory of relativity (a couple of  newly-weds decide to go for a two-week cruise on a speed-of-light interstellar cruiser for their honeymoon and when they get back they are just in time for their parent's funerals), apply this theorem to life

contemporary mammal man has drifted into the erroneous outlook of applying the characteristics of inanimate Quons to life

there is a world of difference between life and inanimacy... see Axiom 3

when thinking about Physics it is suggested that we go along with the Classical mechanical view of experience, time is a constant and individuality cannot be cloned

the subatomic quantum world, which possesses discontinuity, is to be regarded as a theoretical reality which we can never experience*

"there is no quantum world. there is only an abstract mathematical description"

read Here why it is people are saying bell's theorem is the most important theorem in science

*in one sense we do experience discontinuity

when we have discovered our "heavenly legs" and spread out into infinity we will, eventually, recognise just how thinly spread out we are within infinity

now, and for eternity, we will always reach a point when we feel, again, just how few of us there are within the context of infinity and find ourselves compelled to increase our number via the big bang, earthly evolution and Space Dream evolution (see also the Train)