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compelling love


compelling love is the first of the Four loves


try to imagine...


from the beginning of Time, there was nothing you had done which you wanted to do again


all you have ever seen is the dark and shades of black and dull grey


all you have ever known is loneliness


and you think the way it is, is the way it will always be


then, perhaps by accident, or, more likely, you had no choice but to persist into infinity, you discover an existence that has endless combinations of colour


this new reality also has a never-ending series of forms


it also contains a type of motion that becomes more astonishing the more you enact it


and if that wasn't enough a strange feeling accompanies this motion and we shall call the feeling exhilaration


now the loneliness of your past is replaced by an even more distressing circumstance... you have found something that is inexhaustible and so desirable your one and only thought is that it must be experienced by someone, something, anything else, as well


the need to share becomes a yearning that produces a feeling more agonising than any tribulation you have hitherto experienced


via experiences and feelings this person cannot imagine Inventive love enters this formulation of the events of loves history


experiences and feelings which gave rise to Sacrificially-creative love