corona virus 2

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the corona virus 2


the way this website overcame the coronavirus in twenty-four hours...

on the morning of the 30032020 woke up feeling dizzy

during the day developed a "dry cough"

went online and discovered vitamin-d has shown to be effective in the treatment of building up the immune system against other forms of the coronavirus

get a bottle of liquid cod liver oil, see Here

how to use

make a liquid meal and take one-half of a teaspoon of oil halfway through the meal


oxtail, tomato, vegetable, mushroom etc. (see Here), and half a slice of dry bread or toast

minimum of two, maximum of three, meals a day

if you feel hungry between meals, appease the hunger with "light" foods... corn flakes or rice crispies with lots of milk, half a slice of bread with bovril, 

put the oil in the fridge

between meals, when your throat feels "scratchy" or feels "irritated" take an amount of the oil in the following way...

tip your head back so the oil slips easily down the throat

use the minimum amount to get the following effect...

feel the cold, cod liver oil as it passes over that part of the throat that feels irritable or scratchy

within a couple of minutes, the irritability will subside

repeat as often as necessary

woke the following morning and the symptoms had gone


if i had sought help, i would have been told to self-isolate

ten days later when the infection had spread and become serious, hospital treatment would be necessary