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The Dreams Database

how to use it in a fun way

try not to read dreams diary methodically like a book or read lots in one go

dreams diary and isn’t meant to be read like that

the idea is to synchronise your thoughts and feelings with content in the  database

treat it like a lucky-dip bag and have some fun

e.g. you have got to wait five minutes for a meal to cook

so, you could type into the search box* “five minutes”

(i just typed “five minutes” into the search box and got three results which took seven minutes to read)

try to develop the knack of getting only one result each time you use the search facility

(i just typed in the word “tender” and got six results and then typed “tender x” and got one result)

when the cards are dealt in a game of bridge a person can work out the odds of what cards she/he can expect to get

what the odds don’t give is the quality of the cards you can expect to get from the dealer (thanks cath)

every dealer has her/his own unique qualitative character

this database is the cards and you are dealing to yourself

in the database, you will go back to the beginning of time and forward to a place beyond time which is forever changing from one degree of desirability to an even greater degree of desirability from one moment to the next

if you don’t remember your dreams every day read… How to remember your dreams

it will soon go from “i’m going to remember my dream tonight” to “i wonder what my dream will be tonight

*to find a specific date, topic, theme, etc. on the database… 

using chrome and edge browsers on a laptop and/or a phone

go to the top-right of your browser page and single left-click the three dots

then single left-click the option that has the word "find" in the list of options

all browsers should have the same features so you should be able to apply these instructions to them as well

using an android phone and a chrome browser... a search box will pop into view

as you enter letters or numbers into the search box the browser is programmed to automatically go to where they are in the database

try this example… first, type “e” into the search box, and see how many times the letter e is on this page

then type “ex” then ”exa” then ”exam” then ”examp” then ”exampl” then ”example” then ”examples”

type 0101 into the search box and it will show how many instances there are for the first of january

for a specific date… type all the numbers of the date into the search box, and again, the computer will automatically go to where the date is in the database (welcome to the wonderful world of the computer)

try it with your birthday or with any date that is special to you until you get the hang of it

try it with words like walking, kiss, cooking, happy, your favourite colour, the birthday of someone you’re fond of,  your favourite expression or your lucky number

determine whether it's you or your partner who makes the next cup of tea by guessing the number of times the word love is in the database