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is the first day the cologne Auditorium is functioning

the cologne auditorium will, to start with, be linked to the other twenty-six member-states of the Country of Europe

everyone outside of europe with a telephone, computer or a t.v. which is connected to the internet, will have the opportunity to observe and participate in the construction of the  Unnatural-Death Designed-Out Habitation

to achieve the inauguration on schedule the best bit of advice this website has is for you to support the german-driven european union in every way you can 

see also: Two Futures


seating for 10,000 people with computer screens

giant screen/s

translators for the world's 200-300 different languages and another 300-500 translators for sub-dialects

( approximately 1000 interpreters will be needed )

at least eight times that number will be needed for eight three hour shifts for a 24/7 live broadcasting network

a two-way flow of ideas for the entire world population to and from the auditoriums

(the greater the input of ideas the more likely it will be that the correct solutions will be arrived at in the quickest time)

continually running archive channels of one hour, one day, one week, one month, one year, one decade and one generation

sleeping accommodation, recreation and lounge areas...

technical, catering, cleaning, maintenance, computer cgi personnel and free-hand artists for as-we-go graphics and visuals...

at a rough guess 10 000 + people will be necessary for a well oiled and smoothly running auditorium