4th january 2009


here is the layout for the new unnatural-death-designed-out habitation

for those who haven't seen page 5...

"...it is an extrapolation of the dotted bit of the drawing..."

24th june 2009

the drawing is an extrapolation of the only moving sequence the writer has (a zoom - out aerial view)

the reason why this is the only moving sequence is to give a perspective of how big the buildings are meant to be

no cars no planes no trains no motorized transport of any kind

just people, people, people

the thoroughfares will be for walking only

there wont be a need for transporting heavy items

each individual building will be self sufficient in food, water, clothing, energy etc.

disabled people who can't walk will become high priorities of our new civilization

and where the health of a person prevents them from walking there will undoubtedly be many of us who are willing to give wheeled assistance

(being pushed or pulled)

every conceivable circumstance that could result in the death of a person will be foreseen and prevented

(there was a man who was killed by a another person on a skateboard a few years back)


it is within the realms of possibility that a 3-D projection of the drawing will be the layout for the gathering place too


each building will be accommodating somewhere between 10 000 and 100 000 000 people


the number of people the ecosystem is able to support is, it is currently thought, 100 000 000 000

(the number of cells in the brain)


the site for the first of the buildings is to be in russia


the first of three auditoriums for organizing the construction of the buildings is to be in cologne


both embassies have been approached

neither of them will acknowledge the writers existence publicly

by not acknowledging the writers existence they are erasing yours

(genetic theory only applies to the living)

you try talking to them

they wont talk to me

4th january 2009

this drawing has been more problematic than the next half a dozen most difficult pages put together

it dates back to 1996 when the writer got to the point where he realized that a major hurdle to solving our problems meant a radical change was needed to the habitation

it was while pondering the problem that he had is only moving sequence visualization

up until then all questions had been answered in pictures, sentences, words and a couple of other ways

it took him completely by surprise, staggered would be nearer the mark, when this moving sequence filled his conscious, containing, as it did, a raw energy that isn't going to be easy to convey in words

(imagine the most vivid movement you can recall from a dream and then imagine that happening when you were wide awake or try imagining nuclear energy with shape, thought and purpose)

the writer played it over and over again in his minds eye for the next three days when, to his disappointment, it started to lose its energy

it also dawned on him that some of the detail wasn't as vivid as it originally was and it he had better put it to paper

that's when the problem started

the detail in the upper left hand side was no longer crystal clear

specifically, it wasn't possible to tell precisely what the angle of the line of the thoroughfare was

even now there is room for variation

when something has to be exactly right it was and still is something of concern

it is assumed that when we get into marrying all the facts a technical or resource or... will deliver the sought after detail

9th march 2010

in the continuing aftermath of continuous earthquakes the merits of incorporating tomorrows technology into today's buidings as an interim measure to lessen the deadly consequences that collapsing buildings have has prompted this entry and demands it be considered  immediately

 one feature that the new habitation will have, where circumstances or conditions suggest it, will be vacuum walls

(the same as in vacuum flasks)

as well as being sound insulators and as a way of controlling temperature their light weight makes them easy to transport and makes them easy to use in construction

it is going to be telling to see who becomes the world leader in producing and marketing this product

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