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the beginning


this is an attempt to understand why and how something came from nothing


there obviously is an answer to the greatest mystery of all but getting to the answer takes us on a giddying



the components of this conundrum are... beginningless-endlessness-infinite-finite


we have to think about

non-sensical sentences like "nowhere is everywhere", "nothing is everything", "everything is one thing"

"an infinite one"


the formulae which has produced the best results in the past are Occam's razor coupled with what makes most sense


what makes most sense?


it makes most sense to think that nothing would give rise to the simplest thing and not a complicated thing


the simplest imaginable thing which comes to mind is Position


two questions




"why did nothing give rise to something in the first place?"


thirty years ago it was eminently sensible to think the reason was because "nothing cannot be"




"in an endless nothing can a single position have meaning?"


"can a single position be the relative of an endless everywhere?"


at this point three thoughts present themselves for consideration




Bell's theorem




the act of Observation




Possibilites, probabilities and actualities




previous (notes)



it might have something to do with the endless having an expansive characteristic or


"can our existence be the nothing starting over?"


"are our own endevours nothing more than a mere mirroring the characteristic of endlessness?"


what makes most sense?


the starting point, for this website, was thirty years ago


it was then just a matter of adding the discontinuous nature that Quantum theory proposes and say "nothing and something share reality through a mechanism or partnership of being and not being"


this state of affairs was recognised by mathematicians who proffered a Mathematical Theory which indicated "that nothing and something is swapping places at a rate of one raised to the minus forty-third power times every second" or, reality is in a continuous dance of being and not being


as bizarre as this state of reality is it gave an answer to the initial imponderable and we were no longer in the position of having to answer the even bigger conundrum of "how did things get there?"


this website was bolstered by this achievement and that should have been the end of the story


but then two things happened


the first was when it was realised that the Universe is finite which in turn meant that reality is a "localised" event


thirty years ago it didn't make sense to think that reality ended at a specific place


the theory worked best if the extent of the something was, like nothing, endless


the second was when Pictures starting presenting themselves in the mind's eye while specific questions were being pondered


the pictures gave this website the unfair advantage of making sense of why things are the way they are, and how a form of being occurred


connecting the pictures and the known facts in science is proving to be a to and 'fro of "that explains that, but it contradicts that" and "if that interpretation of that picture is correct then it can't be at that time" and similar contradictions


the answers are coming but not in a way which ordinary people find easy to appraise


it is now thought that the answers may more readily settle into the minds of people if this website describes, as it goes along, both the pictures and the rationale for thinking the way it does in full detail


motion picture one


this picture is about two years old and is the earliest insight we have of Life's origins


the picture has three distinct parts...




a white ball of light


(the decimal sequence of Pi)




a round brown/black-hued circle






a dense black outer surrounding


(the nothing)


the white light crosses from one side of a round brown/black-hued circle in about half a second before it reaches the opposite edge at the other side of the black/brown circle


the bit of animation should be a smooth movement


it will be depicted accurately eventually


the picture gives off the feel of a person wrongly imprisoned trying to escape


picture page 3 of Picture pages 3000 is the last picture we have of life's imprisonment


the brown/black circle is itself encircled by a dense, impenetrable shade of black which goes from the to the to the edges of the picture


the edges of the picture aren't defined


the brown/black-hued circle is interpreted as the three of Pi and as the Complimentarity of motion and immobility, the white speck of light is the endless decimal sequence of pi and the black which surrounds the brown/black circle is the nothing


pi is very much a living entity in this picture


it may best be visualised as a white tadpole in a petri dish the size of your palm



quickly-hobbled -together video at the top of the page isn't as artful as it should be but will give you something to toy with


this picture implies that the universe is what we call mass and it was originally perfectly round






it is also used to


in its entirety the picture is viewed as a complimentarity of sub-light speed/faste-than-light speed


anything that has/had a beginning and has the characteristic of endlessness


it appears that there is a subjective endlessness and an actual endlessness


Space/eternity/nothing is the actual, and Linear form is the subjective


it means reintroducing Time back into the formulations


from a numerical point of view, it may go something like this...


within the numerical structure of Pi, which gives us the straight line, there will be strings of repeating numbers which transcend not just human experience but also the experience of a linear reality


life's experience of a curved reality transmutes to the experience of a linear reality


linear reality transmutes into an experience which makes linear reality seem as different as curved reality did/does to linear reality


since it is known that life's experience of reality was two-dimensional before it became three-dimensional we can reasonably surmise life was one-dimensional before it became



now the thought arises "could life have gone on experiencing a curved reality through infinite dimensions?"


and if it could, why did it stop at three?


the answer may be it is the repetitive nature of Circularity which give rise to experiences becoming Bland


but can't the same be said of linear motion?


quite possibly


it appears that there is a subjective endlessness and an actual endlessness...







Pi, Straight line action


The Universe had a beginning and comes to an end but recurs endlessly


the universe is described as an infinitely recurring finite reality


the phrase which sums up our existence is...

"an infinity of finities"



life had a beginning but has no end (see the Story of us)


the basic properties of the universe are finite and permanent